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понедељак, 07. фебруар 2011.

New Starbazaar features

OK so I am love LOVE loving the new feature 
which allows us to sell items at higher prices.


sell rare extremely rare items for what they're worth
which is probably a lot

The day SD decided to finally do this was AN EPIC WIN (for members who enjoy trading and buying).

But as usual theres a dark seedy underworld of the starbazaars where people are attempting (and some succeeding) to sell free and regular items for way above what they're worth.

get greedy and try to sell an item you got for got for free
for more than its worth.(Unless its PaulinaPorizkova winner or a some other prize dress from SD)

At first glance one might think they are getting a bargain rare item.Some may assume that the high price means a rare item. But this just isnt true.

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